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Our Expertise

Jules has a team of IT and business process specialists that have deep understanding of the energy trading markets and the retail energy space. It is particularly this combination of expertise that makes us stand out.

In cooperation with energy companies, we build and design innovative IT-solutions that link energy markets to end- customers in a commercially controlled and technically secure way. We name it ‘PaaS’: Platform as a Service, in which we make room for bespoke customer demands and requirements.

Jules pursues long term partnerships in which we work together continuously to ensure our customers have the best solution that bring real business benefits and value.

Since 2009 we have developed a suite of solutions that allows our customers to configure a flexible and easy-to-use software solution that can be implemented quickly in accordance with customer’s needs and requirements.

What we do?

Here at Jules we build globally recognised cloud based platforms for parties in the energy retail sector. Jules designs and shapes a new digital retail function in close collaboration with our partners.

We provide digital solutions capable of handling online transactions for energy commodities as well as a host of administrative and operational functionalities.

What are these solutions?

Our solutions provide powerful tools that help serve end-customers, managing trading portfolio’s, control risk and digitise retail energy business processes.

Our online suite of configurable platforms allows for the delivery of an innovative and dynamic experience to end-customers, brokers, producers and suppliers of energy.

What fuels us?

Jules believes that rethinking business processes, alongside the creation of new value propositions that aim to be responsive to the ever-changing energy landscape and customer’s demands, is crucial for our partner’s success.

Our products and services can help you achieve this.


Full assistance to get the most out of your software solutions

Jules offers a range of services to assist customers in their operations. Our dedicated team of IT and energy  professionals is available for development, implementation, operational support, cloud computing, training and other forms of assistance that you may desire.

Our services

Software development

Software development

Our energy expertise and IT-skills, make us an ideal partner to build software. We work with a proven approach of producing software applications which is mastered by our consultants.
Software licensing

Software licensing

Jules also offers proprietary off-the-shelf software on licensing terms. But you are in driver’s seat! Our Software licensing solutions are white labelled with your logo and your requirements are deployed to make it absolutely your solution.
Software maintenance and managed services

Software maintenance and managed services

You work with the software and Jules maintains the solution, guided and controlled by a Service Level Agreement and a ticketing system. The service contains a.o. of Incident Management, Problem Management and Software Change management.
Cloud computing and Cloud control

Cloud computing and Cloud control

Our solutions run in the Cloud. We are AWS-cloud specialists. Working in the cloud offers benefits on cost, scalability, performance, speed and reliability. We are happy to offer cloud migration and implementation services.

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