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It starts with understanding the challenges of energy suppliers. That is just what Jules does!

Jules revitalises business processes to respond to customer demands, manage risks and digitalise processes.

Case Studies

Now Then Energy

Customer Cases

I started working with Jules Energy when they first launched in the UK in 2010/11 and have continued to do so ever since. A key sector for me is Combined Heat & Power and commercial horticulture where the ability to easily fine tune CHP operating hours in response to increasingly volatile energy prices has always been important. Before Jules Energy came along I had to download data from one provider, analyse it and then email energy suppliers half-hourly import/export forecasts almost on a daily basis. The Jules Energy system lets me do this all in one place and it only takes minutes (often just seconds) to review, adjust and optimise the operating hours. The Jules Energy system allows me to do a better job for my clients in much less time.

Case Studies


  • 100k employees
  • Gas & Electricity
  • Customer since 2011
Customer Cases

“We can finally provide online transacting to every one of our customer groups.”

The problem

TGP wanted to extend the transaction portal services to their greenhouse production customers. Having already established themselves as the first UK utility company to embrace online transactions, they wanted to ensure they could optimize this solution fully.  Another issue they experienced involved invoicing; TGP’s commodity offerings had to be calculated by means of different rates.

In most cases, a singular invoice included multiple rates which posed to be difficult for back office to accurately process and meant numerous issues due to human error. This was especially important for TGP as CHP owners in the greenhouse sector required such a tooling and a solution would help them secure a better position in the market.

This was another issue for TGP; on the commercial side, they were also keen to adopt a solution that would gain competitive advantage in the market. They needed a unique self-serving experience for their customers. This would also gain them an acquisition tool amongst the greenhouse growers and eventually lead to growth.

The process

To provide TGP with a unique platform which allows for the execution of energy contracts specified for their target market, firstly, interfaces were developed within TGP systems for a harmonious implementation process and minimal disruption of their services. Functionalities for a connection to the day ahead markets were also established. Jules provided TGP with an API possibility to gather their meter data directly for accurate readings and reporting.

The result

The platform has shown significant results towards TGP’s back office by providing a more efficient and less time-consuming invoicing tool. The platform has also served as a customer acquisition tool leading to a growth in their customer base. More services are continuously being added with ongoing developments taking place. Since the initial platform solution, we have added functionalities for intraday trading, forecasting and switching possibilities; giving their customers full opportunities to optimize their assets.

56% back-office efficiency improved.

By introducing an automated invoicing system less human action is needed. This combined with eliminating human error, will increase efficiency.

100% more day-ahead trades.

With the addition of energy supply services and the creation of a service orientated energy company, TotalEnergies have been able to increase their customer base.

30% reduction in customer complaints & disputes

Customers can now be given adequate attention and less errors in billing; this will translate into customer loyalty in the long run.

Case Studies


  • 200-500 employees
  • Gas & Electricity
  • Customer since 2016
Customer Cases

“With Jules we can handle any complex product”

The problem

ENGIE wanted to grow their position in the Dutch Greenhouse industry. Knowing this industry already used the latest energy management and switching technology, ENGIE had to match this service level by offering an online trading solution. This solution would allow their customers to perform their own trading, in combination with asset switching to optimize the greenhouse CHP’s and MPAN’s.

The process

To provide ENGIE with an unique platform which allows for the execution of energy contracts specified for their target market, Jules integrated the specifics of ENGIE’s energy contract based on their specifications. Their contract structures included customer hedging possibilities on Power and Gas long term trading, Power Day Ahead bidding and the National Grid imbalance cash-out mechanism. In order to allow for the financial optimization of customer CHP’s, Jules provided ENGIE with an API integration possibility to send trading and position results to the (3rd party) assets.

The result

The platform has become such a success within ENGIE and has led to a growth in their customer base. More contract types have been added to the platform and more services for a variety of Commercial, Industrial and Enterprise segments. Both consuming and producing customers are served within the platform.

98% customer retention rate

Customers get used to specific user/customer interfacing. This makes customers stay since they would like to keep the existing functionality.

73% efficiency improved

By exchanging Excel to an Automated Cloud Solution less human action is needed.This combined with eliminating human error, will increase efficiency.

372% more contracts sold

To become a service oriented energy company, ENGIE focused on a winning combination of automation in contract execution and increasing the sales capacity.

Case Studies


  • 10-50 employees
  • Gas & Electricity
  • Customer since 2018
Customer Cases

"Jules is our hedging backbone"

The problem

Flexitricitv is a successful Demand-Response service provider in the UK. As it is their mission
to “help you generate revenue from your distributed energy assets”, it was a logical step to add energy supply services to their product portfolio. Having a large customer base with decentralized flexible assets, fixed priced contracts wouldn’t fit their customer needs. In order to add value to their mission, Flexitricity had to create a back office to sell flexible priced energy products and offer wholesale products

The process

Flexitricity’s new energy retail departments were efficient consulted to build the new backbone trading system for the company and their B2B customers. By integrating the platform with their Balancing Responsible Partners and their Billing System, Flexitricity achieved a lean and cost-efficient energy trading and supply service for their customers. 

The result

With the JulesPlatform, Flexitricity added energy supply services to their product range. This allowed Flexitricity to become a full-service energy & demand-response supplier. Along with an increased product portfolio, Flexitricity was able to grow their customer base and strengthen their position in the market.

80% off the shelf code

Duration of time between contact signing and platform go live is shortened with minimal developments from our already existing products.

60% customers gained

With the addition of energy supply services and the creation of a service orientated energy company, Flexitricitv have been able to increase their customer base.

50% contacts sold in 4 months

In a matter of 4 months, the number of contacts sold doubled and rolled out though Flexitricity’s digitised platform.

Case Studies

Smartest Energy

  • 300-400 employees
  • Gas & Electricity
  • Customer since 2019

“Jules has provided a new experience for our Smartest customers”

The problem

Smartest Energy wanted to offer flexible contract execution possibilities to their generation customers with flexible assets wanting to trade on the market. Primarily using fixed price PPA, Smartest wanted to offer these customers the opportunity to take advantage of wholesale prices and offer flexibility. With the industry already experiencing a growth in flexibility and transparency, Smartest knew they had to match these customer expectations while providing a product that would stand out from the competition. This solution would allow their customers to take advantage of price developments in the market, as well as perform their own trading, with the use of an online trading solution provided by Jules.

The process

With the implementation of the Jules Platform, Smartest was able to digitise their traditional FlexiPPA product by developing SmartFlex, powered by JuleSmart. It provides a service that offers more flexible energy contract executions, delivers market tracking, and enables price triggers/alerts and instant trading possibilities. The portals functionalities are continuously in development, with customers requests and needs at the forefront.

The result

Smartest was able to expand their product portfolio by offering flexible trading possibilities and new products, facilitated by a smart online trading portal. The platform has led to an improvement in customer experience by providing transparency and automation with less manpower. The platform fits easily into their existing infrastructure with integratable component benefits for the supplier.

100% positive feedback from end-customers

Comments made about the general feel of the platform: “good” and “fresh”, while also being “easy to use”.

6 months ahead of schedule

The official goal of the platform was achieved (and exceeded), months before the originally expected date.

Case Studies

Green Combined Power

Customer Cases

Green Combined Power delivers a bespoke engine Operation & Maintenance and Energy Management Service to a number of gas-fired CHPs operating in the UK horticultural industry.

The Jules Platform helps us effectively manage a portfolio of clients’ export and import electricity requirements in one single, web-based location. The Platform itself is an user-friendly interface which quickly allows us to place Day-Ahead trades (on an hourly basis) or further out along the curve. Ad hoc daily requirements, to react to on-site customer demands, can easily be accommodated through date-specific sales/purchases, as well as a quick and efficient data retrieval functionality to allow for comparison of trades undertaken and actual performance.

With ‘switchboxes’ fitted at the customer’s nursery, then each day’s running of the CHP engines (start and stop times) is automatically sent from the Platform based on the commercial trades executed. The Platform has additional capability to allow within-day changes to allow us to amend the priority order of engines to be called to run and deliver the required volume and shape across the day. In addition, the Platform works in tandem with ancillary service products sourced directly with National Grid and offers GCP’s in-house ‘Service Desk’ a summary overview of the portfolio’s status on a rolling hourly basis.

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