About us

Jules is a specialist energy software provider

Our solutions are used by energy retail companies, energy consultants, brokers and business end customers. Jules rethinks business processes and creates new value propositions. Jules' solutions respond both to the changing energy landscape and to new customer demands.

Our vision

Jules believes rethinking business processes and the creation of new value propositions that aim to be responsive to both the changing energy landscape and customers' demands, is crucial for an energy supplier's success.

A variable energy market 

Changes in consumer demand and new opportunities in decentralised renewable energy production are influencing energy companies to invest in alternative sources, modernise their infrastructure and seek new revenue streams.

Consumer and supplier interaction

With the ending of the passive energy consumer, energy suppliers can profit by increasing their service level and connecting with the consumer via online two-way interaction. Energy suppliers will no be longer be a supplier of only killowatt hours, they are changing to a service company.

Facilitating self-service

Liberalisation of the energy markets creates the opportunity for customer empowerment. Energy Suppliers need to enhance the customer's experience and enable self-service.

Our core values

What binds us.

Dare to follow your own beliefs.

Embrace change

Inflict not  just change, but innovate with a clear vision of the future.

Accessible and approachable

Stay open for new views and exchange ideas.

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Keen to know more? We know energy companies and their struggles like no other consultancy and speciality software builder. So during our call we will explain you what we do and immediately assess if we can help your organization and what the roadmap could be.