Revolutionary solutions for energy suppliers

We offer innovative energy applications with proven technology

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Adapt to the new order

Jules Energy offers innovative energy applications with proven technology to help your customers move to a sustainable and efficient energy world.

What sets us apart

It is anticipated that energy players’ roles and positions in the value chain will change drastically. We have the skills and expertise to invent new alternatives for the new order.

Embrace change

We believe the energy transition offers great opportunities. We build next generation systems to grasp them.

Empower your customers

We are convinced that the way forward is to put the customer in the driver’s seat. This demands transparency, flexibility and innovation.

Jules is a SaaS-provider (software as a service) offering innovative, web based transaction platforms.

Advantages of web based transaction platforms

  • Customer Acquisition / Retention
  • Cost Efficient
  • Differentiator
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Time Efficient
  • Effective Risk Management
  • Full Control
  • Easy to use
  • 'Smart' Asset / Demand Optimisation
  • Cost & Revenue Optimasation
  • Maximum Transparency
  • Aligned to Needs
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Trough the platform, ENGIE NL enables their customers to profit from the fluctuations on the energy markets.

Growers with CHP installations can access the energy markets on their own terms. This provides freedom and full control of the energy bill. Users of the platform create their own strategy, which is based on their customer profile. This allows for maximum efficiency.

With the platform we have offered Total Gas and Power UK a new distribution channel to serve its customers in the embedded generation sector.

Total Gas and Power UK has recognised that companies whom both consume and produce energy, demand the ability to take on a much more active role to manage their energy contracts and be exposed to flexible prices for their own benefit. The transactional platform that Jules delivers, facilitates active buying and selling opportunities.

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How we work

Jules Energy is a specialist software provider for the energy sector. We utilise a SaaS-model to deliver applications to energy suppliers, TPI’s and energy users.



Jules Energy’s platforms provide customers their own personal online log-in where they can execute transactions, manage positions, view results, monitor assets and much more.


Jules Trading Platform

Jules Energy will host and maintain the platform while also providing dedicated support.
We work together with Suppliers and Customers to continually develop our platforms to ensure we remain on the forefront of energy market advances.



Jules Energy’s platforms incorporate all of the functions required for suppliers to enable customers to self-service their energy contracts.
Our Platforms can be supplier branded and come with a suite of management and reporting tools.

Looking for a custom system of your own?

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