Online transacting platform

Access your trading portal 24/7 all from your desktop.

Reduce costs and human error

Improve efficiency and decrease human error with regards to reporting and automated processes.

Revenue growth

Improve your services, sell more contracts and increase your revenues.

Easy to use & understand

Support the transacting process with a customer friendly portal.


Give your customers control, retain customer margins and open up opportunities for your portfolio


Improve transparency around energy trading to your customers with an easy switching process.


Decrease back-office costs by eliminating human error because of automated processes

How it works

JuleSwitch is accessed through JuleSmart, where the customer can take advantage of all of JuleSmart functionalities.

Choose the right modules fitting your customers needs and create your own bespoke platform
Full service implementation

Your transacting process accessed


We help you make your bespoke selection


Your platform integrated


We provide training & support


Your platform goes live!


We provide continuous aftercare

We know energy company is different. Use our building blocks to create your own bespoke platform.
More included services
Innovate your trading process to its core

With a (white-labeled) interface for your end-customers, back office staff and portfolio managers, each interfacing party has functionalities at its disposal to fulfil its role in the execution of the contract, leading to the monthly energy bill.

Interested in a live demo of our building blocks or platforms? Let us know!