Jules has developed a web-based platform. It is a 24/7 accessible Customer Portal and Energy Supplier Portal in one.

Over the years the platform has become a robust and versatile suite of solutions with a large number of meaningful functions to digitally execute an energy contract between energy supplier and its customers. The launch of new platform versions with new functionalities is ever continuing.

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A true one stop shop for your business customer.


Smart automated processes

Digitalized processes means less errors and lead to back office cost savings


Off the Shelf Code

Ready and proven code results in quick time to market


All-in one platform

Boost your efficiency by executing all contract types in one system (platform).

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Made for new customer relationships

Simultaneously and 24/7, the platform interfaces with end-customers, back office staff and portfolio managers. Every and each interfacing party has functionalities at its disposal to fulfill its role in the execution of the contract, leading to the monthly energy bill.

Customer interfacing

Back Office interfacing

Supplier interfacing

Easy for you, easy for the end-consumer.

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A white labeled dashboard

All your information in one place

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Oh yes. It’s powerful.

White Labelling

  • Bespoke look and feel
  • Company colours
  • Company logo
  • Applied on a ‘per user’ basis


  • Stage
  • Demo
  • Production

Customer setup

  • Stand alone
  • Portfolio
  • Basket
  • Netting portfolio

Trading Products

  • Power
  • Gas
  • Long Term
  • Day Ahead
  • Intraday


  • Years
  • Seasons
  • Quarters
  • Months
  • Weeks
  • Weekends

Product Periods

  • Base load
  • Peak load
  • Off peak
  • Blocks


  • Upload functionality
  • Trade to forecast
  • Forecast analysis
  • Position analysis


  • Half hourly/quarter hourly settlement
  • System Operator prices
  • Day Ahead prices
  • Bespoke settlement


  • Remote collection of meter data
  • Physical and financial results
  • Excel download
  • Create statements functionality
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