By implementing the Jules Platform, Flexitricity added energy supply services to their product range. This allowed Flexitricity to become a full-service energy & demand response supplier.

3 months

Time to Market

Fast and adaptable route to market. With Jules’ knowledge of the market, a straightforward contracting process and a wide range of functionality off the shelf, implementation was very swift.


Off the shelf code

The “out of the box” platform catered for 80% of the capability required Flexitricity from the outset, with Jules being very amenable to developing more specialized or bespoke functionality.


Bespoke development

Jules has been responsive in providing enhancement to the functionality, having developed and deployed high-profile and technical improvements.

The modern energy playfield

It all starts with understanding the modern energy environment. Jules believes that rethinking business processes to be responsive to customers’ demands and integrate multiple departments’ workflows, is crucial for an energy supplier’s success.

Consumer and supplier interaction

With the ending of the passive energy consumer, energy suppliers can profit by increasing the service level and connecting with the consumer via online two-way interaction. Energy suppliers will no longer be a supplier of only kilowatt hours, they are changing to a service company.

Facilitating self-service

Liberalization of the energy markets creates the opportunity for customer empowerment. Energy Suppliers need to enhance the customers’ experience and enable self-service.

Using the most powerful platform in the industry.

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