Jules Energy has created various independent modules that can be used in any combination to create a platform.

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All you need in one platform

Our solutions provide a fully integrated, wholly encompassing product: power and gas trading in all market horizons, forecasting and nominating, position and risk management, settlement and billing, asset optimisation and switching and management reporting. A one stop shop.

Off the shelf yet bespoke

Jules Energy creates bespoke solutions for each organisation we work with. We avail a catalogue of ‘off the shelf’ code that is used to facilitate fast delivery times at a competitive cost. Please contact us to learn more about the deployment time possibilities for our reliable solutions.

Our catalogue of ‘off the shelf code’ can be drawn upon quickly to develop new and bespoke functions and features.

Continuous support and improvement

Jules Energy provides continuous support and product updates at no extra charge. We provide hosting and maintenance services to ensure a robust system and to make your life easier. Our solutions provide added value to your customers and deliver savings to your business.

Looking for a custom system of your own?

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